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A Bit About Me:

I was born and raised in Coshocton. My 52 years have been spent right here in this community. For the past 32 years I have been employed at Kraft where I am currently employed as a Maintenance Coordinator. I have chosen to stay in this community and raise a family because I truly believe Coshocton is a great place to live.


Have I witnessed some changes to our community over the past 52 years? You bet. We all know that Main Street no longer looks the same at that many industries and businesses have been lost. However, I do strongly believe that we can persevere to revitalize Main Street and attract industry back to Coshocton while caring for the needs of small businesses and encouraging entrepreneurship. 

In order for there to be workable and sustainable change in the community, it is truly going to take a community. That means encouraging agencies and organizations to work together and making sure that City Hall is joining in on the conversations. It also means listening to the citizens, taking seriously their concerns, and making sure those concerns are relayed. 

First and foremost, I intend to be accessible by attending community events and making myself visible and open to hearing from the citizenry of Coshocton. I also pledge to listen to public commentary during Council Meetings and take seriously the public’s concerns. I will also maintain a Facebook Page as a Public Figure to encourage interaction, questions and concerns. People can leave comments or message me. I will work to find answers for them and take their concerns to Council. I will also post timely public information on the Facebook page regarding upcoming meetings and issues that are up for discussion or vote. Any neighbor that would like to meet or talk to me is encouraged to give me a call or send an email.

My Experience:

I served for many years as a Union Steward for Kraft-Heinz which has enhanced my reasoning, listening and negotiating skills. I had also been elected as the Representative of the Libertarian Party of Ohio for Congressional District #7, served on their Central Committee, and served as a Delegate at state and national conventions. I've also served as Social Media Director for the Feldman Foundation, which has taught me how to create excitement and encourage participation within our community.

Last year, I campaigned to become the State Representative of the 72nd District. I was the first to step forward to offer a choice against a scandal ridden incumbent. In this campaign I expanded my network across the great state of Ohio to include over half of the State Legislature and a multitude of County/City officials. I intend to use this network to investigate solutions to Coshocton's issues and to petition for our interests at the State level. 

I currently serve on the Coshocton Board of Zoning Appeals and the Coshocton County Bike Path Committee.

These experiences have given me an in depth look into the inner workings of our government, working with diverse groups of people, and fostering cooperation. In that spirit, I have assembled an Advisory Board to assist me in improving Coshocton. Currently, our neighbors who have graciously offered wisdom in their areas of expertise are Chuck Hathaway, Tom Edwards, Bethel Toler, and Sheila Mayse. I am honored to have them by my side in displaying how a community can come together to facilitate positive change. Will you join us ?

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