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"I was born and raised right here in Coshocton. I remember what Coshocton was, but I also have a vision for our future. I want to work for you.  I know what it takes to find solutions, work with other agencies, and get things done. Your Vote, Your Voice. I Work for YOU!"



I want to strive to increase community knowledge of what our local government is doing by providing easy to access public information by utilizing multiple platforms including the internet and social media.


I aim to connect our citizenry with our local government. Most importantly, I want to make sure that YOUR voice is heard in City Hall. I will make myself accessible to those in the community with concerns. 


My goal is to promote citywide efficiency and reduce waste wherever I can.


I want to look at ways in which we can make infrastructural improvements. Not only do the citizens need and deserve it, but potential industry looks for and expects it. 


I want to work to not only help attract new business and corporations to Coshocton, but to also work with existing groups and small businesses to look for practical ways to promote downtown revitalization and encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship. Prosperity is within our reach.

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